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Hey readers,

Obviously, you know this time what this blog is what for, right? I just want to say something [actually I just want to add page in this ABOUT ME section is created...tsk tsk]

First and Foremost, all the music you are about to listen or already heard, pictures you are about to see or already saw, videos you are about to watch or already watched, and other information in this blog is not mine.


But I am very positive and confident that I do proper credit to the rightful owner or to whom I got the specific information. Right in everything I post you can find in the left lower corner, the source or site where the info came from.


So let me tell you, how I do things here.
I search - choose edit - credit - label/tag - post - copy links - categorizes them
Asking how do I categorize them!?
I just paste the links to their respective category from the given page above. That's it!
For your convenience of course.
P.S you can also download music here. Thanks to 4shared. 
*SORRY to say but as of 08/24/12 my 4shared account has been TERMINATED. For more information read at my A-10-TION post on CLICK ME section. T.T


Well, I am really focused on the list of album. That's my originally plan. But as days goes by, and saw many interesting things about K-pop of course. This mind of mine changes frequently. As evidenced by me adding photo concept also as my specialty here. I also wanted to compile some hard to search information like list of fan club from specific idols and their official website. Those two, I promise to post in the near future [I'm already in the search, so it won't take long]. 
* As of 122511, I decided to post here the Compilations of Music Videos of every group in my label.
* As of 012812, I started to post some English Cover & English Lyric Version of Some K-pop Songs.
* As of 050412, I made the Random page which consists of random information including the list of fan club and list of website that I promised since the beginning. Sorry it took so long!


Don't worry. I'm open for questions, comments, violent reaction, requests, and other things. Just below every post and every page there's a comment box. So type it in!

I guess that's it for now. And hope to see you here more often, so I can share you what I'm interested in.

See you again!

Now it's THANK U time!!!

Thanks to the following 
[I consider them as my main source of information]

Hope you won't mind me using your stuff. Besides I'm not owning it, just sharing it.
And I kind of believe in a principle - 
"once you post it, others can use it too"
Because you yourself post it!
[That's what the terms & regulation is for...well if you got a chance to really read it before accepting it, which I assume NOT coz it's too long]

Oh you can follow me too!

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