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Drama! Variety Show! Movie! I love watching all of them, to the point that I want to share it and recommend it to other people.
Here, you will see what shows that I've been patiently waiting every week; what shows I had finished watching within three days (for drama of course); what show makes me crave for more.

Variety Show
RUNNING MAN "Don't Walk, Run"
Who doesn't like RUNNING MAN? It is an urban action comedy variety show that is so popular especially in other country. Their crazy antics and natural approach to comedy is what makes them so interesting and highly recommended by most bloggers and K-pop lovers.

Running Man Members:
Yoo Jae Suk - Kim Jong Kook - HaHa - Gary - Ji Suk Jin - Song Ji Hyo - Kwang Soo

Where to watch:

  • ISUBS squad - very detailed and neat but you must register first to access their videos or you can check other blog who gives link from ISUBS. They did sub the all of episodes until 117. Somehow their video is not high quality. 
  • KSHOWNOW - very fast and updated. If you're looking for the current or latest episode, this is the site for you. But sometimes they have many ads, but I think they kind of fix it now. If you want to watch it in high quality visit this site. 
  • DRAMAFEVER - very fast too and the video is not divided. But has ads and they just started to sub Running Man starting from episode 90.

I've been waiting for this show every week. Running Man Addict HERE \(^.^)/


By the way, pictures are NOT MINE (even though I edit it). CREDIT TO THE REAL and RIGHTFUL OWNER.

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